Camping Cooking

Pancake Noodles on the Blackstone at Camp

blackstone pancake noodles at camp
My kids love eating pancakes any morning, but they especially love pancakes while camping. And their favorite way to eat pancakes at camp is in noodle form or what they call pancake noodles. Here's how we cook pancake noodles on the Blackstone at camp.

Easy Camping Tacos on the Blackstone

Tacos are an easy camping dinner that everyone seems to enjoy. Whether you want to eat walking tacos, taco bowls, or regular tacos - this is a simple recipe. Here's how we do taco night while camping.

The Best Off-Grid Camping Coffee

off-grid camping coffee
Since we primarily dry camp, we don't want to rely on an electric coffee maker for our trailer. And we wanted something that tastes better than the percolator. So instead, this is the process we use to brew great tasting coffee while camping off-grid.