Our Gear

Getting the travel trailer is just the beginning. Once you have your trailer it’s time to accessorize and customize. Having the right gear can make camping a much more enjoyable experience. Here is the gear we use with our Jay Feather Micro 171BH travel trailer.

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RV Essentials


Andersen Levelers

These combined with the LevelMatePRO make leveling the trailer simple.

Rapid Jack

This provides a few more inches than the standard Andersen leveler.


This connects to your phone via Bluetooth to make it easy to see if you’re level.

Rubber Chocks

These chocks do a great job at making sure the rig stays put.

Leveling Blocks

These blocks work great to use under stabilizers and the tongue.


Water Filter

Any time we put water in the trailer we use a water filter. And we get a new filter each year.

90 Degree Elbow

This elbow goes between the trailer and water hose so it isn’t crimped.

Water Pressure Regulator

This allows you to control the water pressure so none of the plumbing gets damaged.

Hose Splitter

Most sites have only one water connection and this allows you to split it into two.

Zero-G Hose

We like to use this hose for fresh water. It doesn’t get kinked and is easy to use.

Anode Rod

This is in the hot water heater and needs to be replaced every few years.


Sewer Hose

This kit comes with two 10-foot hoses and a clear elbow adapter.


This helps put the sewer hose at the correct angle to dump.

Sewer Hose Storage

This can be attached to the bottom of the trailer to store the sewer hose.


15 to 30 amp Dogbone

This allows you to plug the 30 amp trailer into a standard outlet.

30 to 50 amp Dogbone

This allows you to plug the 30 amp trailer into a 50 amp outlet.

Surge Protector

We never plug the trailer in without using this surge protector.



single axle tpms

This is a tire pressure monitoring system that alerts you if the tire pressure is too low or too high.

Camera System

This camera system has a backup camera and two side view cameras.

Tongue Lock

This trailer tongue lock fits our Jay Feather Micro underslung coupler perfectly.

Outside the Trailer

Outdoor Rug

We love this outdoor rug. It’s lightweight, easy to clean, and keeps dirt out of the trailer.


This doormat works great to keep sand and dirt on it so it doesn’t come inside.

Mosquito Repellent

We use this Thermacell mosquito repellent to reduce the mosquitos outside camp.

Folding Table

We use this folding table as our prep station outside of the trailer.

Fitted Table Cover

This tablecloth fits perfectly on our folding prep station table.

Tablecloth Bungees

These bungees work great to put a standard tablecloth on picnic tables.

Custom Tire Cover

This tire cover is printed using a custom image you provide.

At the Campfire

Kelty Loveseat

This low loveseat is super comfortable and lets you cuddle around the campfire.

Large Folding Table

This table works great between camp chairs for snacks and drinks.

Small Folding Table

This small table is perfect for the kids to be able to eat around the campfire.

Fire Poker

Instead of finding the perfect poking stick at every campsite we now just carry a fire poker.

Roasting Sticks

These bamboo sticks are perfect for kids to roast marshmallows and don’t get hot like metal ones.

Popcorn Handle Extender

This jiffy pop handle extender is the best way to cook popcorn over the campfire.

Propane Fire Pit

This fire pit creates warm fires with ease. It’s great for burn bans and any time you want a quick fire.

Radiate Campfire

This is basically a large candle that can create a campfire. We keep this on hand for emergencies.

Blackstone Cooking

Accessory Kit

These will get you started on the Blackstone. We use these squirt bottles and spatulas every time we cook on the Blackstone.

Large Squirt Bottles

We use these extra large squirt bottles for pancake mix. They also work well for sauces and marinades.

Basting Dome

This basting dome helps create an oven-like atmosphere. The square shape is easy to fit in a corner to save space.

Warming Rack

This can add another layer to the Blackstone. It works nice to toast buns and keep items warm.

Round Rack

This rack fits under the basting dome and helps lift food slightly off of the surface.

Rectangular Rack

This rack fits under the basting dome but also works well as a trivet to set hot dishes.

Rectangular Pot

This stainless steel pan works great as a pot. The shape tucks nicely into a corner.

17 inch Blackstone

This was the size of our first Blackstone. It was great to start with.

17 inch Bag

This carrying case fits the 17 inch Blackstone perfectly. It makes it easy to travel with.

Grease Cup Liner

These make it easy to clean up the rear grease trap on the Blackstone.

22 inch Blackstone

This is the size of our current Blackstone and it is perfect for a family of four.

22 inch Bag

This bag is large. It fits the 22 inch Blackstone with room to spare.

Quick Connect Adapter

This adapter allows the Blackstone to connect to the trailer Quick Connect port.

Solar Upgrades

Battle Born Lithium Batteries

These LiFePO4 lithium batteries give more power, without taking more space.

Victron BMV 712 Battery Monitor

This battery monitor makes it easy to see how much life you have left on your batteries.

Victron MultiPlus Inverter Charger

The MultiPlus 3000 Inverter Charger charges the batteries and powers every outlet.

MPPT Controller

The 100/50 MPPT controller is a fast and efficient device for the solar panels to charge batteries.

Cerbo GX

This is the brains of the solar system. The devices all connect to it so it’s easy to monitor.

Cerbo GX Touch 70

This screen displays data from the Cerbo GX. It makes it easy to monitor and make changes.

Lynx Distributor

The Victron Lynx Distributor bus bar is where most of the cables ran to and also stores fuses.

Fuses, Cables, Tools

We have a full list of every fuse, cable, tool, and conduit we used to complete the solar upgrade.

Solar Panel

These are the solar panels we use on the roof of our trailer to collect solar power.

Portable Solar Panel

This plugs into the solar-on-side connection and is nice to have in case extra power is needed.

PEX Plumbing Tools

The following tools are all worth keeping in the trailer in case you have an issue with the PEX water lines.

RV Organization

Storage Cube Bins

Two of these bins fit perfectly in the storage cubes under the front bed.

Fabric Storage Bins

These fit under the bathroom counter and under the dinette benches. And they can be unfolded when needed.

Bunk Organizer

These organizers work well in the bunk beds. We attach them using command hooks.

Pantry Shelves

These shelves work well in the cabinets above the dinette and provide a second storage layer.

Small Rope Basket

These small rope baskets work great under the pantry shelves above the dinette.

Large Rope Basket

These large rope baskets fit nicely in the cabinets above the main bed.

Jumbo Command Hooks

These jumbo hooks work well to hang backpacks on. We put them in the bunk beds.

Large Command Hooks

These large hooks are nice in the shower to hang towels or even jackets.

Medium Command Hooks

These medium hooks are good anywhere in the trailer you want to have a hook.

Interior Accessories

Toilet Paper

If you plan to use the toilet in your trailer, you’ll need some of this.

Laundry Bag

It’s nice to keep a laundry bag in the trailer. Even if it isn’t used on the trip it’s used to unload.

Step Stool

This folding step stool tucks perfectly between the tub and the bathroom vanity.

Cargo Storage Net

We added some of these near the TV to hold the remotes and DVD player.

USB Cables

We always keep USB cables in the trailer. They’re nice to have on hand when you need them.


This renewable dehumidifier helps keep moisture out of the trailer.

Trailer Upgrades

Entry Window

If your trailer came with frosted glass in the entry door replace it with this. It’s a great upgrade.

Digital Thermostat

The digital thermostat is super simple to use and it’s nice to see the exact temperature inside.

DVD Player

This is powered by USB. The USB port on the 12 volt TV can power this so it works off-grid.

Blue Puck Lights

The blue light on these is perfect for coming in at night. We can see without attracting bugs.

USB Charger Socket

We added this in the headboard of the main bed so we had more USB ports off-grid.

USB Nightlight

These nightlights plug into USB. They are perfect for the bunks and work even off-grid.

Vent Cover

These covers allow your fans to be open and running any time even while raining and driving.

Screen Door Protector

This helps protect the screen on the entry door from pet damage.

Kitchen Upgrades

Trash Can

This trash can fits perfectly on the cabinet door under the kitchen sink.

Paper Towel Holder

This magnetic towel holder can connect to the hood so it’s easy to access paper towels.

Dish Drying Rack

This collapsible dish drying rack is easy to store under the sink for when you need it.

Collapsible Bin

These are convenient to have around. They can fit under the dish drying rack and are nice to carry food items outside to cook.

Measuring Cups

These collapsible measuring cups don’t take up much room and are convenient to have.

Dish Cloths

These dish cloths can hang up on a hook, are absorbent, and dry quick.

Coffee Canister

This keeps our coffee fresh so we can grind it before we leave and still enjoy fresh tasting coffee.

French Press

This GSI Outdoors camping french press makes great coffee and it’s shatterproof.

Coffee Grinder

In case we run out of grounds we keep a manual coffee grinder in the trailer.

Bed Upgrades

Full XL Mattress

This is the 10 inch Full XL mattress we put on the main bed up front.

Main Bed Bedding

This bedding works well on the main bed.

Mattress Topper

This 3-inch gel mattress topper worked on the front bed for two years. Now it’s split in half and on the bunk beds.

Zippered Mattress Cover

This zippered mattress cover we used to combine the original mattress with half of the queen mattress topper.

Waterproof Bunk Mattress Protector

This is nice to keep on the bunk mattress for young kids.

Bunk Bedding

This bedding fits the single bunks in the trailer perfectly.

Extra Bunk Blankets

These Kelty blankets work great on the bunks. And they roll up small enough to fit under the dinette benches on warm nights.

Bathroom Upgrades

Mini Bathroom Trash Can

This small trash can fits nicely in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet.

Mini Trash Can Bags

These bags come in handy for the mini trash can and make it easy to empty.

Quick Dry Towels

These towels are great to have in the trailer. They take up no space and they dry fast. They’re perfect for the beach or the shower.

Shower Closet Conversion

Tension Rod Holder

These stick on the walls to help provide extra support for the tension rod.

Tension Rod

We used two of these tension rods to make two hanging shelf areas in the shower.

Curtain Hooks

These curtain hooks work nice as hangers on the tension rods.

Collapsible Clothes Organizer

We use these to pack the kid’s clothes. They collapse for travel and can hang.

Large Shoe Organizer

This shoe organizer worked well. It was too large for us but could also be nice for random items.

Small Shoe Organizer

We prefer this small shoe organizer because it fits what we need and gives more space.


USB Flashlights

These flashlights work well and are rechargeable via USB. We charge them before each trip.

Red Light Flashlight

This flashlight is red so it doesn’t affect your vision while looking at the night sky.

Solar String Lights

These lights can be charged via USB or solar. They change colors and are a nice touch at camp.


Coloring Book

This camping themed coloring book is perfect to entertain a toddler at camp.

Bug Log Book

This bug log book is entertaining for young kids looking to document their adventure.

Puzzle Ball

This puzzle ball is entertaining and mildly challenging. It’s great for young kids.

Horse Shoes

This game takes up little space, is easy to set up, and keeps the kids entertained.


This is a fun and unique game. It packs into a travel bag and the kids have fun with it.

Soccer Nets

These collapse flat. The nets are great to keep the ball in the campsite and out of poison oak.


This harmonica is specifically for kids and has a lower volume. It’s nice around the campfire.


This ukulele is fun for both kids and adults. And it doesn’t take up very much space.

Campfire Songs

This songbook has some campfire classics and has chords for ukulele and guitar.


These binoculars are fun for the kids to use at camp or take with them on a hike.


This microscope entertains the kids right at camp for hours.


Nut Nut Squirrel

This game is extremely simple. Simple enough that a 3-year-old can play yet entertaining for an adult.

Camping with Sasquatch

This is a fun game for a group or just two players.

Find & Seek

This can keep the kids entertained while hanging out at the campsite.


These are our favorite books to take camping to read to the kids.

Traveling with Kids

Puke Bags

These are great to keep in the car in case the kids feel sick. Pulling over while towing isn’t always an option.

Neck Pillow

These can help the kids sleep a little more comfortably in the car.


These headphones can have a microSD card inserted so they can listen to music with no devices and no cables.