family dry camping

Helping Families Camp Off-Grid in a Micro Trailer

Experience family camping trips that include:

Dry Camping in a Micro Bunkhouse Trailer

Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

And Maybe Even Some Local Craft Beer

If that sounds like fun, follow our journey and learn from our experiences.

We share micro bunkhouse trailer info, our favorite camping recipes, and campground reviews.

Micro Bunkhouse Trailer Info

jay feather micro 171bh 3 year review

Jay Feather Micro 171BH 3-Year Owner Review

For the last three years our family has owned a Jayco Jay Feather Micro 171BH travel trailer. And for the last two years we’ve created videos going over all the issues that we’ve had in the trailer the previous year. Well, now it is our third year of owning this trailer and we didn’t have…
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clean trailer awning

Easy Way to Clean a Trailer Awning

Our travel trailer awning started looking dirty and we wanted to not only get it looking nice again, but we also wanted to have a plan so it didn’t get so dirty in the future. Here is what we did to clean our awning and our simple plan to keep it clean in the future.
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Why We Don’t Winterize Our Trailer

We don’t winterize our trailer in the traditional sense, but there are a few items we do to prepare our trailer for the winter. Here’s why we don’t winterize and what we do instead.
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Camping Recipes

blackstone pancake noodles at camp

Pancake Noodles on the Blackstone at Camp

My kids love eating pancakes any morning, but they especially love pancakes while camping. And their favorite way to eat pancakes at camp is in noodle form or what they call pancake noodles. Here’s how we cook pancake noodles on the Blackstone at camp.
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Campground Reviews

camping at hidden springs

Hidden Springs Campground Review

Hidden Springs offers small but private sites to relax at camp. It’s located in a beautiful area with redwood trees and the Eel river. If you want to relax under some trees it’s a great place to visit.
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Mount Madonna Campground Review

Mount Madonna feels like a hidden gem. In the middle of what feels like nothing but cities you find an area with redwood trees and miles of dog-friendly hiking trails. This campground was a fun place to explore.
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pomo campground review

Pomo Campground Review

Pomo campground offers many sites that have the illusion of seclusion and it is in a great location. It’s a great option when you need to have full hook-ups.
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Van Damme Campground Review

Van Damme campground is in a beautiful area. Whether you want to stay and relax at camp or explore the neighboring towns it is an enjoyable trip and a fantastic experience.
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