Family Camping

How to Wash Dishes in a Small Travel Trailer

washing dishes in small trailer
When you have a small trailer, dishes can stack up fast. And washing them can feel difficult with a small sink and limited counter space. This is the process we use to wash dishes in our Jay Feather Micro travel trailer.

How Long We Can Dry Camp

how long can we dry camp
The length of time that you could dry camp can range. I am going to go over our experience with dry camping and do my best to set some realistic expectations. We'll discuss power consumption, propane use, and the tanks.

What is Dry Camping?

what is dry camping
Many times we've said we love dry camping, and many times we've been asked what is dry camping? Here is what it means to dry camp and why it is our favorite way to camp.

How to Entertain Kids at the Campsite

games for camp
When you're camping with kids, one of the best ways to be able to actually relax while at camp is to make sure you are prepared with several items to keep them entertained right at the campsite. Here are our favorite kid items to bring camping.