How to Entertain Kids at the Campsite

When you’re camping with kids, one of the best ways to be able to actually be able to relax while at camp is to make sure you are prepared with several items to keep them entertained right at the campsite. Here are our favorite items to keep in the trailer to entertain our kids at camp.

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Pop It Toys

First are pop it toys. These things somehow keep the kids entertained for a long time without making any noise. For us, the trick has been to not keep any of them in the house. We only keep them in the trailer. So they’re an entertaining thing for the kids to play with, while we’re at camp.

Coloring Books & Notebooks

Coloring books and notebooks are another must-have item. It’s easy to keep a couple coloring books and some colored pencils or crayons in the trailer. We also picked up a pack of just plain notebooks from the dollar store. You can get three or four for a dollar and those work great with just some pencils. Our kids love bringing them around and drawing random wildlife that they see or waterfalls. It’s a great thing just to carry around in the trailer.

Bug Log Book

Similar to the drawing and the coloring, we also have a bug log book that we keep in the trailer. This is a nice way for our son to get to track different bugs, and insects, and just animals in general that he’s seen at camp. It lets him draw pictures of them and write down a few facts.


We also keep a few musical instruments in the trailer for the kids to play with. First is they each have a harmonica and these are specifically harmonicas for kids and they don’t get as loud as a standard harmonica.


We also have a ukulele that we keep in the trailer and this one is really nice. It’s not made of wood so we don’t have to worry about it getting moist or ruined or changing from the different temperatures. We could just keep it in the trailer and it’s a fun thing for the kids to play with.


Something that takes up very little space in the trailer yet, keeps the kids entertained for hours is the microscope. This tiny little microscope is a really fun item for them to just check out little things right at camp. When they start looking at things at such a granular level it keeps them entertained for a long time without us having to go anywhere.


And then they also each have a pair of binoculars that we keep in the trailer. These work out well when we’re at the campsite, they’re also fun to bring on a hike. We gave them these with a book called Let’s go on a hike where the little boy goes on a hike and uses some binoculars to see different things. And anyways, that was a really fun combination.

Card Games

We also have quite a few card games that we keep in the trailer. Just in case we ever have an opportunity where we’re at camp for a little bit longer and the kids want to play a game or if it’s a rainy day and we’re inside.

Camping with Sasquatch

One of the games we have is called Camping with Sasquatch. And this is a really fun game. I like it because it’s just as much fun to play with a larger group, like a group of four as it is to play with just two players. And sometimes it’s hard to get more than two people willing to play a card game. So, this is a great option to have.

Nut Nut Squirrel

Another fun game that we keep in the trailer is Nut Nut Squirrel. This is a super simple game. I think it’s still fun for adults, but it’s easy enough that a three-year-old can play it with no problems and play it on their own. It’s a really short game but it’s a fun way to spend some time.

Find & Seek

Next is we have some find and seek cards. And this was another thing that was paired with a book. They got this at the same time that we got them Camper Cole and the Scavenger Hunt Hike.

And so they got to hear that story about Camper Cole going on a scavenger hunt and then they had these cards which make it super simple for them to have their own little scavenger hunt, right at camp.

Magnetic Tic Tac Toe

We also keep a game of Tic-tac-toe in the trailer and it’s a magnetic set. So it’s really convenient to just be able to play that wherever.

Go Fish

And we have a deck of Go Fish cards, the kids enjoy that from time to time.

Deck of Cards

We also keep just a standard deck of cards in the trailer. We happen to have a PJ Masks themed standard deck of cards that we purchased from the dollar store. These work well for us. We made up a little kid-friendly game we play called Slap Masks.


And we also have Uno, we happen to have Harry Potter Uno. The kids have had a lot of fun with that.

Baseball & Glove

We also keep some sports stuff in the trailer. So, we always have baseballs and gloves in case there’s enough space to play catch.

Horseshoe Set

We also keep a horseshoe set in the trailer for the kids to play with.

Soccer Balls & Goals

We also keep soccer balls and soccer nets. We have some soccer goals that fold up. They’re kind of large, but they’re flat so they’re easy to keep just under the bunks. And it’s nice to be able to set up some goals with the soccer balls so the kids have a designated area to kick the ball into and it doesn’t end up going into any poison oak.

Items Specific to Location

And then there are a couple other things that we sometimes bring just depending on where we’re staying. So if we’re if we’re staying at a campsite that we’re familiar with and it has lots of space we’ll bring RC cars and we may even bring Nerf guns for them to play with. If we’re staying at a beach then we have a bucket of beach toys that we’ll bring and also some kites.


So those are some of our favorite items that we like to bring to keep the kids entertained right at the campsite. If you have any ideas that we should add to this list, please leave it in the comments.

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