Pesto Pasta and Croissants on the Blackstone at Camp

Pesto pasta and croissants doesn’t exactly sound like a traditional camping meal but this is a fun dinner to cook on the Blackstone. And this is a good meal to bring when we go on a longer trip and want some food that will last long enough to eat towards the end of the trip.

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Choosing a Blackstone Size

Now, you can cook pasta and croissants on a 17 inch Blackstone. But, it is far easier to cook it on a 22 inch Blackstone. So as we go through this we’ll be using a 22 inch Blackstone with two burners.

Step 1: Boil Water

The first thing you need to do is turn a burner on to high and put a pot of water on the griddle to boil.
You can use stainless steel or cast iron directly on the Blackstone. I like to use a rectangular steam table pan to use as my pot on the Blackstone. And the reason for this is because it is a good use of space.

Step 2: Prepare Croissants

To cook the croissants you’ll use a rack so they aren’t directly touching the grill. Cover the rack with foil and then brush some oil on top so they don’t stick.

Grab your croissants, I like to use the small rolls because 4 is just perfect for us, and roll them out and put them on the prepared rack.

Put the rack of croissants on the griddle and cover it with a basting dome. Keep that burner on that side of the grill on to low heat.

Step 3: Prepare Sausage

Now it’s time to prep the sausage. I like to use Hillshire Farms sausage rope. Just cut the sausage into slices.

Step 4: Turn off Croissants Burner

After about 30 minutes the water will be boiling and the croissants will be done. Turn the burner off for the croissants. But then you can just leave them over there to stay warm.

Step 5: Cook Noodles and Sausage

Dump the pasta noodles into the water. Make sure you stir the noodles from time to time.

Add the sausage to the griddle and flip them to try and brown both sides.

Step 6: Remove Sausage and Croissants

When the sausage is brown, pull it off the grill and put it on a plate for now.

Now you can take the croissants off as well, and they should look just about perfect at this point.

Step 7: Drain Pasta

Once your noodles are cooked you can pull that pot off of the grill so well. But make sure you’re prepared to do that. You’ll want to have oven mitts and a place to put the hot pot, I like to have another rack ready on my prep table. So I’ll just put my oven mitts on and move the pot over to the rack.

To drain the pasta I use a bowl and a colander. The colander fits inside of the bowl. I just pour all of the pasta out and then I can lift the colander and leave all of the water in the bowl. Once it’s drained I put the pasta back into the steam table pan to prepare it.

Step 8: Add Pesto and Sausage

Now you need your pesto. And you can use whatever brand you prefer. I like to use Buitoni refrigerated pesto. Add the pesto to the noodles and stir it around. And I do this directly in the steam table pan. Once the pesto is distributed nicely with the noodles add in the sausage and then stir it around a little bit more.

Serve & Enjoy

Now it’s ready to eat! Serve the pesto pasta with the croissants and enjoy! I hope you find this as delicious as my family does.

Pesto Pasta and Croissants Recipe


  • Water
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (4 rolls)
  • Hillshire Farms Sausage Rope
  • Rotini Pasta Noodles
  • Buitoni Pesto Sauce

Items Needed


  1. Boil water on preheated Blackstone. Place water in steam table pan and put on Blackstone on burner side set to high heat.
  2. Prepare croissants by rolling and placing on foil covered, oiled, rack. Then place rack on Blackstone on burner side set to low heat.
  3. Prepare sausage by cutting into thin slices.
  4. After about 30 minutes the water will be boiling and the croissants will be done. Turn the burner off for the croissants. But leave them there to stay warm.
  5. Dump the pasta noodles into the boiling water and add the sausage to the griddle. Constantly flip the sausage to brown both sides.
  6. When the sausage is brown, pull it off the grill and put it on a plate. Now take the croissants off as well.
  7. Take the pasta off the Blackstone and drain the water.
  8. Stir together the pesto, sausage, and noodles. Serve with croissants.

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