family dry camping

Helping Families Camp Off-Grid in a Micro Trailer

Experience family camping trips that include:

Dry Camping in a Micro Bunkhouse Trailer

Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

And Maybe Even Some Local Craft Beer

If that sounds like fun, follow our journey and learn from our experiences.

We share micro bunkhouse trailer info, our favorite camping recipes, and campground reviews.

Micro Bunkhouse Trailer Info

22 inch blackstone on the jayco jayport

Using a 22″ Blackstone on the Jayco JayPort

We love using our Blackstone at camp, and we use it for just about every single meal. We decided it’s about time that we upgrade from the 17 inch Blackstone to the 22 inch Blackstone, to make it a little bit easier to feed our family of four.
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jay feather micro vs ember

Jay Feather Micro vs Ember Travel Trailer

We’re going to compare our Jay Feather Micro trailer to an Ember travel trailer. We immediately liked a lot about the Embers. But, there are also a few things that we like better about the trailer that we have. So we thought we’d go through and do a comparison of how the Jay Feather Micro…
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solar on side plug

Fixing the Solar on the Side Port

Our solar on the side plug broke off after only three uses. And since I hear this is a pretty common issue, I thought I’d just show really quick what we did to fix ours.
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single axle tpms

Finding a Single Axle Trailer TPMS

We wanted to add a tire pressure monitoring system or a TPMS to our trailer. Our tow vehicle already has a TPMS system and we only have a single axle trailer. So we just wanted a simple TPMS system with two sensors. These are the options we found.
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Camping Recipes

off-grid camping coffee

The Best Off-Grid Camping Coffee

Since we primarily dry camp, we don’t want to rely on an electric coffee maker for our trailer. And we wanted something that tastes better than the percolator. So instead, this is the process we use to brew great tasting coffee while camping off-grid.
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Campground Reviews

camping at Doran Beach

Doran Park Campground Review

Doran Park is a great place to camp. You’re surrounded by water so just about every site has good views. It’s dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and an overall relaxing place to camp.
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camping at Nevada Beach

Nevada Beach Campground Review

Nevada Beach is an amazing campground. Right at camp you have both Lake Tahoe and hiking trails. Plus, South Lake Tahoe is only minutes away. This is a great place to vacation, relax, and have fun.
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