6 Trailer Essentials Under $15

We’re going to go over six must have items for your trailer under $15. All of these prices are from Amazon and Amazon prices do fluctuate. None of these are on any crazy sales and they’re all average prices, but it is possible that if you look at one of these items, the price could be up or down slightly from what I say here.

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Fire Poker

The first item is a fire poker for $9.99. Now, I cannot tell you how many camping trips we have been on where we were looking for the perfect stick to mess with the fire. Every trip looking for a new stick. I don’t know. It took us so many trips before we realized we could just bring a fire poker. It would be super easy to transport in the trailer. This one even folds down, so even if we were tent camping, we could have brought this one. So this is a really cheap, awesome item to have with us just so we don’t have to look for the perfect stick to poke our fire anymore.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Next is a magnetic paper towel holder for $13.99. This paper towel holder is really strong. It just attaches with magnets, but it’s really strong. It’s strong enough that we never take it off when we’re traveling. We do take the paper towels off of it normally, but the few times we’ve forgotten, they’ve been fine too. So this is a really easy way to make the paper towels more accessible. We like to put ours right on the side of the hood. The hood is metal, and so the magnetic paper towel holder works really well there.

Folding Step Stool

Next is a folding step stool. Okay, so this just kind of barely makes the list. It’s actually $15.99, but it is a really nice item to be able to keep in the trailer. The kids like it to make it a little bit easier to wash hands or brush their teeth if they need to. I like it, I use it to make the top bunk bed. It helps out quite a bit and it’s really easy to store. You just pull up the handle and it folds flat, and so we stick it right in a nook in the bathroom that would have no other purpose. It’s just blank space. You could find just a little pocket of space somewhere, be able to store it and it’s very convenient.

Pocket Microscope

The next item is a lighted pocket microscope, and this is only $13.99. So this is really fun, especially for kids. It could be interesting for adults too though. Our kids love just taking this around the campsite and getting a closeup of all of the different things at camp. So they’ll put it on a leaf, on moss, on tree bark. They just like to take a look at the whole campsite and a microscopic level, and that gives us plenty of time to just sit there and relax while they are entertained with a microscope.

Nut Nut Squirrel

The next item is a game, Nut Nut Squirrel, and this is $14.99. So this is a really fun and super simple game. It is simple enough that a three-year-old, a four-year-old, a young kid can play it without help, but it’s also still fun for an adult. There are no words to read. There is a really low learning curve. So this is a great game just to keep on hand. So whether the kids are playing it or we’re playing it as a family, it’s just a nice way to stay entertained for a bit.

Tablecloth Bungees

Okay, and the last item are table bungees. So these bungees are only $7.99, so you could probably get these bungees and a tablecloth and still be under the $15 price mark. But let’s just talk about the bungees.

These bungees are the simplest and most effective way that we have found to keep our tablecloth nicely On the picnic tables at camp, we’ve tried the standard little metal brackets that go on the edges and all of the picnic tables seem to be different sizes, and those brackets just don’t seem to fit on any of them. These bungees, on the other hand, are really easy just to slip on the ends of the tables and then your tablecloth will not fly away.


So those are the items. I hope this helped. If you like this kind of content, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks and happy camping.

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