Fixing the Solar on the Side Port

Our solar on the side plug broke off after only three uses. And since I hear this is a pretty common issue, I thought I’d just show really quick what we did to fix ours.

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The Problem with the Solar on Side Plug

Now the big issue with the solar on the side coming off is that the cable that was grounding it, was disconnected as well. So we couldn’t just plug it in while the plug was dangling. It wasn’t safe to use because it was no longer grounded.

The Fix for the Solar on Side Port

So all we did was relocated it to the back behind the tongue, right in the front of the trailer where all of the factory wiring grounds come into. We just used a factory bolt to ground it. Everything else is still exactly the same and it works great.


So again, it was an easy fix. Just a simple relocation. The important part was making sure that it was still grounded.

We just wanted to put this out there in case anybody else had a similar issue and was looking for a quick fix.

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