Our Favorite Interior Accessories for the Jay Feather Micro Travel Trailer

So after you get a trailer, there are a ton of different accessories that you can add to the inside. These are our favorite accessories that we’ve added inside our Jay Feather Micro travel trailer.

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Digital Thermostat

The first is our thermostat. We upgraded to a digital thermostat and now it’s much easier to see what temperature it is, to know what temperature we’re setting it to and even just to turn it on and off.

To turn the original thermostat on and off you had to push a plastic lever. You had to use so much strength to move the lever that it not only was difficult, but it felt like it would break each time you moved it.

Garbage Can

The next is the trash can. We found a trash can that fits perfectly under the sink. And it hangs on the door so you can still store stuff in the cabinet underneath the sink.

Collapsible Kettle

The next is our kettle. We got a collapsible kettle, so it’s really easy just to stick in the drawer while we’re traveling. And then when we’re ready to use it, we just open it up and then we have a full-size kettle.

Kelty Bestie Blanket

The next are the Kelty Bestie Blankets. We have two of these because they fit perfectly on the bunk beds. And when we’re not using them they roll up and fit into small pouches that they came with. We keep them in the cabinet underneath the dinette benches, they fit in there nicely.

And when we’re camping in colder climates it makes it really easy just to pull these out and stick them on the bunk beds so the kids have extra blankets.

USB Nightlights

The next are USB nightlights. We got nightlights that plug into the USB outlets in the bunks. And that way when we’re camping off-grid the kids still have nightlights.

DVD Player

Next is the DVD player. We got a little DVD player that’s USB powered so you can plug the USB and HDMI right into the side of the TV. That way you can watch movies while you’re off-grid. Since the TV is 12 volt and the DVD player works off of the TV, you can watch it while you’re dry camping.

And the DVD player can be stored nicely in the mesh compartment right above the TV. It comes with a remote, so it’s easy to control the DVD player even when you have it tucked away.

No Spill Dog Bowl

Next is the dog bowl. We got a no spill dog bowl. And this thing works great. It’s really nice when we have a bowl of water on the trailer floor that it has this no spill top on it so that when the kids are walking
around, if it gets knocked around, it doesn’t end up all over the trailer floor.

Door Knob Cover

We also got a crocheted door knob cover. It’s really nice to keep on the bathroom door knob so that when we’re traveling, if the door pops open, the door knob doesn’t hit the fridge and cause any damage to the refrigerator.

It is a little difficult to open the door knob with the cover on it so when we’re at camp, we normally take this off and then just put it back on for travel.

Collapsible Buckets

Next are collapsible buckets. Collapsible buckets are so convenient to have around. We have two that we keep in the trailer. We use them for carrying items outside to cook outside. And we also use them for washing dishes.

Command Hooks

Next are command hooks. Command hooks are super useful for tons of different things in trailers.

We like to use a medium command hook to hang our dog leash on. We also have one near the kitchen area to hang a washcloth. We use two to hang a picture up on and we have some in each bunk to hang organizers. We also have jumbo command hooks in each bunk for the kids to put their backpacks on. And in the shower we added a bunch of large water-resistant hooks. That’s where we hang any wet items like life vests, umbrellas, or even wet jackets and towels. It’s just a great spot to hang things to dry.

12v USB Port

Another one of our favorite items is the 12 volt USB add-on port. We added this when we first got the trailer and realized that the pop-up tower next to the bed didn’t work off-grid.

We wanted a way to charge our phones and devices while we were camping other than at the USBs in the bunks. Now we actually have an inverter so we can use any outlet in our trailer, but this little add-on port is still useful because it takes less energy. The inverter itself takes a little bit of power just to have that on. So by using this USB port to charge our devices, instead of turning our inverter on, it’s using less of our batteries.

Sink Bucket

The next is the collapsible wash basin sink bucket, which is actually from our tent camping days but it turns out to be really useful for dry camping. We just keep it in our sink and then we can dump it out instead of filling up our gray tank.

Screen Door Protector

Next is the screen door protector that we got for the entry door. We have a dog who likes to scratch so this was a must for us. The install took minutes, it’s designed to go with the door so it was super simple to install.

Cerbo GX Touch Screen

One of our favorite accessories is our Cerbo GX Touch Screen. It shows exactly what’s going on with our solar setup. If you want to learn more about the whole solar system we have a separate article where we go over exactly what we did for our solar upgrade where we added this screen.

Mattress Topper

And then lastly is our mattress topper. A lot of people actually replace out the entire mattress. We just added a 3-inch topper and we put it underneath the original mattress. It was a little too soft on top, but underneath it’s more of a medium firm.

The reason why we did this instead of switching out the entire mattress was primarily because of weight. This mattress topper is only 15 pounds. Plus, now that we have lithium batteries we do have them underneath the bed here and having a mattress topper, instead of a full mattress allows us to lift back the mattress and be able to access that compartment if we need to get to it.


I hope that gave you an idea of some fun items you can add inside your travel trailer.

In a few weeks we’re going to be releasing another article with our favorite exterior items. If you liked this list, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay current on our journey!

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