Our Favorite Exterior Accessories for the Jay Feather Micro Travel Trailer

So once you get a trailer, there are then a ton of different accessories you’ll want to get. I have of separate article where I went over all of our favorite interior accessories. And in this post I’ll cover all of our favorite exterior accessories.

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The first is the LevelMatePRO. This is a device that we installed in the passthrough of our trailer. And how it works is you just turn it on and then you can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and it shows if the trailer is level side to side and also front to back.

You can look at your app and you can level it out and then you’ll see when it is level.

Andersen Levelers

The next are the Andersen Levelers. We really like the Andersen levelers. When they’re combined with the LevelMatePRO it takes seconds to level out the rig.

The only problem that we found with the Anderson levelers is sometimes if we were off level by several inches (like over three inches) then these levelers were pretty difficult to use because we had to get right on the end to get the maximum height out of them.

So what we did was we also got the Andersen Rapid Jack. The Rapid Jack has an additional two inches. So that has worked out really well to help when you need to level several inches. If we only need to level out a little bit, we use the standard leveler. And then if it’s off by several inches, then we use the Rapid Jack. And basically we just reverse onto these things until the LevelMatePRO says that it’s level left to right and then we put on our chocks.

Blackstone & Accessories

The next favorite exterior item is the Blackstone and all of the accessories. We love using the Blackstone way more than we had expected. We use it as often as we can.

And some of the accessories that we really like with it is an accessory kit that came with two spatulas, a scraper tool and then two squirt bottles and that’s been really convenient. We always have one squirt bottle of water that we use for cleaning. And then one squirt bottle of oil that we use both for cooking and re-seasoning the grill.

We also have a 9.8″ round rack that helps us get the food off of the Blackstone a little bit just so it doesn’t have that direct heat. This pairs well with our basting dome to create an oven-like environment. The basting dome also works great without the rack. We love having that basting dome to melt cheese and to steam veggies.

And the last accessory that we really like for the Blackstone is our expandable rack. We can open it up to get the full width of the Blackstone. We stick it right at the back and we can use it to either get some more surface area or we can put stuff on top to keep an item warm while we’re cooking the rest of the meal. And it folds up flat so it’s really easy to store.

AMPLock Tongue Lock

The next item that we like is our tongue lock. This is the fourth tongue lock that we’ve purchased for the trailer, but the first one that fit. So we are very happy with it. It fits perfectly and secures our rig.

MaxxAir Vent Cover

For both of our vents, we got the MaxxAir vent covers. The vent that’s over the front living area is designed to have one of these installed. It already has the brackets around the vent and it just clipped right in place. It was super easy.

We decided to also put one over our bathroom vent and that did take a little bit more work because there weren’t already clips there for it, but it was still a pretty simple process.

And those vent covers allow us to have our fans on and the vent open while we’re driving or while it’s raining. So it just gives us a lot more flexibility with our vents.

Table Bungees

Now this is a small thing but super useful. We really like the bungees for our tablecloth. We like to camp at State Parks. And the picnic tables are often way too thick to work with the standard little metal clips. So the bungees just make it super easy to put the tablecloth on any picnic table, no matter what size it is.

Kelty Low Loveseat

Another item that we love outside our trailer is our Kelty loveseat. Now we actually ended up getting two of these because we got one thinking that it would be good for the adults and the kids sat in it so much that we just had to get a second one because the only other chairs were the little tiny kid chairs.

So this works out really really well. It opens up. It is super easy to open up and set up. Set up takes about two seconds. Plus, it’s really comfortable. It’s low to the ground so it doesn’t put that pressure on the back of your thigh like a higher chair would and it’s really stable.

So if the kids jump on there, it doesn’t tip over and they don’t fall out of it and it can easily support an adult and both the kids. Everybody could cuddle. We really like them, they’re super comfortable and just a nice way to relax around the campfire.

Outdoor Rug

The next item is our outdoor rug. So, we actually have two of these. The one that we use more often, is the larger size, which is 9 by 12 feet. It works out really well underneath the awning.

Before this we had a different carpet that we put out there and it just soaked up water. So when it was time to pack up, it was extremely heavy and really difficult to deal with. These carpets are extremely lightweight and it doesn’t matter if they get wet. They are super easy to sweep off and they dry really quick.

It’s never been a problem to pack up even when things are a little bit moist. We love them. Ever since we got these carpets, it seems like there is a lot less dirt in the trailer because they just really help keep all the dirt and dust down.

Popcorn Extension Handle

Another item we love is this popcorn extender. Now, this was a random gift. One of those things that didn’t seem like you need it until you have it. Making Jiffy pop with their regular handle is just almost impossible to do over a campfire. It’s fine over the stove, but when you’re over the campfire is just way too short.

So this just extends the handle and it makes it really easy to make Jiffy pop right on the campfire. And we have had some delicious tasting Jiffy Pop now that we use this handle extender.

Custom Tire Cover

The next is just kind of a fun item. We like our custom tire cover. Our son, who was six at the time we got the trailer, decided that we should name our tow vehicle Vader and our trailer Trooper. So, we really went with that theme and got a custom tire cover with a Stormtrooper. It’s just a fun addition to the trailer.

Portable Solar Panel

Another really useful item is our solar on the side panel. Now we did recently do a solar upgrade on our trailer with lithium batteries and an inverter. But before we did that upgrade, this side panel was essential.

Now it doesn’t seem as important but still worth mentioning. With our original solar setup it was very difficult to get our batteries back to 100% without using this. We really relied on it. It was very easy to use, it’s lightweight, and everything you need came with it.

And even now we always carry it with us just in case we need a little bit extra solar power.

Propane Fire Pit

And another one of our favorite outside items for the trailer is our propane fire pit. Now we originally got this fire pit because we were camping at a location that had a burn ban. So we couldn’t have a wood campfire, but we were allowed to have propane. So we went out and got this and it turns out that it’s one of our favorite items because it gives us so much flexibility.

It lets us re-center our camp. If we camp in a small spot and we end up putting our trailer too close to the fire pit that’s in the site, now we still have a fire pit that we can use somewhere else.

Also, if it’s raining, this firepit can go underneath the awning because it doesn’t have any smoke and the bottom doesn’t get hot. So it’s even okay to sit on our carpet. So in the rain we can still set up fire underneath the awning and sit there and watch the rain come down.

It’s a nice way to be able to have a campfire wherever. And it is also nice if you want to have a short campfire. Just put on while you’re having breakfast and then you don’t have to wait for it to go out, you just turn it off and you’re good to go.

Radiate Portable Campfire

And then lastly, we have the radiate portable campfire. Now this is basically a large candle. We haven’t actually used ours yet but, we really like having this item in the trailer. We carry it with us just in case. It’s lightweight (about three pounds) so it doesn’t hurt just to have it in the trailer. And since it’s just a candle you can use it during a burn ban.

We like to have it around for emergencies. If we need a fire and we don’t have wood and we don’t have our propane pit, we can light this and it creates a two-foot flame. It can last for 3-5 hours. When you’re done and want to extinguish it, it’s just in a tin so you could just take the metal lid, put it over it and it cuts the air to it so the fire goes out. And then when the tin cools down, you can seal it up completely put it away to use next time.

So it’s just a really cool small item that’s nice to just keep on hand.


I hope that was helpful and gave you some fun ideas of things you might be able to add to your trailer setup. If you liked this, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay current on our journey. We’ll be doing another post soon with some of our organizational hacks.

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