Burlington Campground Review


We went on a camping trip to Burlington Campground in Weott, CA. Burlington Campground is part of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. We stayed at site 37.

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The Campsite

Our 20 foot trailer fit in our campsite (#37) with no issues. The campground itself had narrow roads and the majority of sites would have been very difficult to get the trailer into. We were very happy that our site was simple to get into.

The site was beautiful. It was directly next to another site but that was an ADA site so it’s not as likely to fill up as a regular site. The kids had lots of space to run around and explore. And our dinette window had the most beautiful view.

This is a dry campground. There were no hook-ups and there was no dump station. We had a good cell signal through Verizon.

The Best Campsites

  • Site 37
    • If you have a trailer I think this is the best site. It’s easy to park in and there’s a good amount of space.
  • Site 43
    • This is the only other site that looked like getting a 20 foot trailer parked in it wouldn’t be too difficult. The site itself doesn’t feel very secluded. It’s near the bathroom and has neighbors behind and to the side. But it’s still in a beautiful area and worth it if you have a trailer and don’t want to make things too difficult.

The Weather

We were here in March and it was pretty wet. We had some rain but also the campground was very muddy and some of the lower sites were even flooded. Our site had a little mud but was fine for the most part. The rain didn’t bother us.

And as a bonus, the campground was pretty empty from the weather. One of the days we were there we had only one other group in the whole campground and they were on the completely other side. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. It was very relaxing and not something we had ever experienced before.

The Activities

This campground is on the Avenue of the Giants. There is a lot to do and see around here. The Avenue of the Giants is a scenic route lined with redwood trees. It is a beautiful drive and there are several places you can stop and walk around to get a closer view.

There are also lots of tourist activities around. The Shrine Drive Thru Tree in Myers Flat is only 7 minutes away.

And a half hour away is the Legend of Bigfoot shop. It’s a Bigfoot themed gift shop. My kids saw it on the way to camp and asked to go so we made a trip there. They had lots of fun things like mood rings, worry dolls, Bigfoot plush, and so many boxes and items made from redwood.

The Dog-Friendly Hiking

There is lots of great hiking around the area. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of dog-friendly hiking.

The Founders Grove trail is supposed to be beautiful. It is one of the many trails in Humboldt Redwoods State Park and none of the trails in the park area dog-friendly.

Since we wanted to hike with our dog we decided to go up to the town of Fortuna. In Fortuna there is an area called Rohner Park. The Rohner Park loop is a 1 mile kid and dog-friendly trail.

Our family loved this walk. It was beautiful and just the right difficulty for the kids. They got some energy out and loved every minute of it.

And there was a playground in the parking lot area. Having a playground at the end of the hike is a great way to keep the kids motivated. It was a nice reward for them and a fun way to end our visit.

The Beer

Eel River Brewing Company is in Fortuna which is only about a half hour north from the campground. They have a nice outdoor area. It was raining while we were there and they had tents out so we could still eat outdoors with our dog.

The food and beer were both good and we had great service. We wouldn’t hesitate to go back. We had the Emerald Triangle IPA and enjoyed it enough to get a 4-pack to take back to camp.

The Recap

Burlington Campground is in a beautiful location surrounded by redwoods. We enjoyed our visit and found it very relaxing. As amazing as it was, I think this campground would feel very different if it was during the busy season. There aren’t many sites that work well for a trailer and most sites have little privacy.

Campground Details:

Burlington Campground
Avenue of the Giants, Weott, CA 95571

Can reserve online at reservecalifornia.com. Reservations open 6 months ahead at 8am PST.

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