Benbow KOA Campground Review


We went on a family camping trip to Benbow KOA in Garberville, CA. We stayed at site 43.

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The Campsite

Site 43 is a very small site. It did fit our 20 foot trailer but not the tow vehicle. To be fair, the site is designed for a camper van, not a trailer. But we reserved it anyway because we wanted to be next to the group of cabins. There was parking available across the street but since we use our tow vehicle as our garage and use it frequently while at camp we decided to reserve site 42 right next to us to park our truck.

The sites were very small. They were a typical size for a KOA but small for the campgrounds we are normally at like state parks. It definitely had the feel of parking lot camping.

It was nice that the site backed up to the Eel River. This not only made for a nice view but there was actually a little path right behind cabin 44 that we were able to walk down and be at the river. We really enjoyed getting to be near the river even though it also meant we had lots of mosquitos at camp.

During our visit at the campsite we did have a rather unfortunate experience. We got ants in the trailer. This was the first time this happened but luckily it was on the day we were packing up. We noticed ants on the trailer the night before but unfortunately the campground store did not sell any ant spray. On the plus side, we have learned from the experience and are now better prepared but it ended our stay there on a disappointing note.

The other downside about the campsite is there was no fire pit. Very few sites at the campground have fire pits. They instead have a community fire pit near the playground. We were camping with a large group and the community fire pit happened to be close by so it worked out for us but would have been nice to have a fire pit at our campsite.

This campground has full hook-ups. We had a decent cell signal through Verizon.

The Best Campsites

  • Site 78
    • The site at the end of row G seemed like the best trailer site. It was one of the few sites with a fire pit and it even had a small patio.

The Activities

There is lots to do right at camp. This campground actually has a golf course. Golfing was an extra cost but it was reasonable. I believe it was about $25 to rent the golf cart for the day and $10 for each adult. We paid a total of $45 for the golf cart rental and the 4 of us to golf. We only made it to 4 holes before the kids were hot and tired but it was a good experience for everyone. They had never golfed before so it was a pretty slow process. Good memories were made and we decided to go enjoy the rest of what the campground had to offer.

The campground had a game room with a pool table and a couple of video games. There was also a pool, hot tub, and a splash pad area. There was a playground and a pretty nice basketball hoop. The basketball hoop was adjustable. It had a crank in the back that you could turn to make it higher or lower. There was also a craft room set up with random crafting supplies that the kids could play with.

And don’t forget if the kids get tired of splashing in man-made pool areas, there’s also the Eel River that you can walk to right at camp.

And if all that wasn’t enough it was also a great place to let the kids ride bikes around.

We were there for a short trip so we didn’t leave the campground but there is also lots to do right around the campground. It is close to the Legends of Bigfoot shop and the Avenue of the Giants.

The Dog-Friendly Hiking

There really aren’t any good dog-friendly hiking trails around. The dog could walk along the Eel River and around the campground but most of the trails in the area along the Avenue of Giants are not dog-friendly. We didn’t find any dog-friendly hiking trails to explore but we also didn’t end up leaving the campground on our visit.

The Beer

Eel River Brewing in Fortuna makes some great beer and is only a short drive North of the campground. If you’re already planning on going North to check out the Avenue of the Giants it’s a great stop to make. Otherwise just bring some beer with you.

The Recap

Benbow KOA is a nice spot to camp with a group that doesn’t want to rough it. There are several cabins and full hook-ups. And there are plenty of amenities right at the campground.

Campground Details:

Benbow KOA Holiday
7000 Benbow Dr, Garberville, CA 95542

Can reserve online at Reservations open 1 year ahead.

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