Organization Hacks for the Jay Feather Micro Trailer

So figuring out how to get your trailer all organized so when you’re bumping down the road things aren’t flying all over the place, can be a challenge. Here are some of our organizational hacks that we’ve come up with so hopefully you can get an idea of how to organize your own trailer.

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Rope Baskets

We keep things organized in the cabinets with rope baskets. The rope baskets do a great job of making things not slide around in the cabinets. Plus they’re soft. So they’re not going to scratch the glass on the doors. And they’re flexible. So in the cabinet above the bed, it curves in the back and these will just squish in and work with whatever shape you have available.

We have some smaller ones in the cabinet above the dinette, they are 10 by 11 inches and then five inches tall. And then we have some larger ones above the bed and those ones are 13 by 14 inches and then six inches tall.


In the cabinet above the dinette we also have a couple of shelves. These shelves work above our rope baskets, and it allows us to have two levels in the cabinets that we use for our pantry.

So it’s just is a better use of space. Now, of course, we don’t want the glass cabinets to get scratched. So what we did was wrap pipe cleaner around the corners of each of the shelves. So that way they are padded. Not only on the front but if they tip forward it’s still padded on the top corners too.


One of our favorite ways to organize the trailer is just using cardboard. Don’t underestimate what you can do with cardboard. We use it to make dividers in our rope baskets. We also use it to store things that we just don’t have any other container that size.

We use it to store some books in one of the cabinets. We have a small cardboard cutout that works great to put the kids silverware in. And we also have another piece of cardboard that works perfect just to stick our soaps in while we’re traveling. So we can stick them in the sink, but they’re not going to fall over and spill soap everywhere.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

We also got a magnetic paper towel holder. It attaches to the hood above the stove. And and it’s pretty strong. So we can keep the paper towel holder there while we’re traveling, and we just take the paper towels off of the hook. And then when we arrive at camp, we could just slide them on.

Bread Warmer

In our microwave, we keep a bread warmer. So this allows us to warm up some bread if we want to, but it also just makes it really easy to store things in our microwave without them bouncing on the glass.

So we can just put whatever we want to store inside of the bread warmer. And then if we want to use our microwave, it just takes a second to grab the warmer out instead of having to pull out a bunch of individual items.

Snap On Beer Carriers

To keep beer in our fridge, we found the best way is to use the plastic snap on beer carriers. When you buy a six pack or a four pack of craft beer, it oftentimes comes with a plastic snap on carrier that you can reuse. And so we found that this is a really easy way to make them not slide around while we’re traveling.

And it’s easier to snap off of one of these then it is to pull a can out of a box in this little fridge because you don’t need as much vertical space.

Bunk Organizers

We have an organizer in each of the bunks that the kids can put things in. And they’re just on there with command hooks so it’s easy to pull it off, if the kids don’t want it in their bunks for any reason.

And then we also have jumbo command hooks that they use to put their backpacks on, which is what they use to pack their clothes.

Tension Rods

In the bathroom we have a couple of tension rods that we use to keep items so they don’t shift around. They are easy just to turn and adjust. So if you don’t have too many items you can put it closer to the wall and then if you need to add more stuff, you can just adjust the tension rods. Pull them out a little bit and then you can shove even more things in there, so they don’t slide around and shift while traveling.

Cargo Nets

We have a couple of mesh cargo nets that we added near the TV. Now we’re actually lucky enough to have a little cabinet above the TV (the newer Jay Feather Micros don’t come with that) but even with that we would have cables running up and we didn’t really like the look of that.

So the cargo nets allow us to hide the cables and it also is a more convenient place to grab remotes.

Storage Cube Organizers

And then in our storage cubes under the bed is where we normally keep our clothes. Before we were just throwing a duffel bag in there which worked fine, but wasn’t really a great use of space. So now we have two organizers that we put in there. We take the organizers into the house, load them up with clothes, and then it’s really easy just to slide them the storage cubes.

And there’s a little bit extra space on the side that we can either tuck a sweatshirt or put a laptop.


I hope that helped give you a few ideas of what you can do to help organize the inside of your trailer. If you’re looking for any more ideas we do also have an article on our favorite interior accessories. So if you liked this, please check that out as well!


  1. Hi, I love all your recommendations! Thank you so much for sharing. On the Storage Cube Organizer for your clothes, did you buy the small size? Thanks, A

      • Hi Jennifer,

        I rewatched your video and also reread what you said. I bought 4 from your link along with the paper towel holder, garbage can, shelves and I got the rope baskets too. ???? So helpful! Thank you for sharing! ♥️????

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