How to Clean the MaxxAir RV Vent Fan

We recently took our trailer to a beautiful campground that happened to be pretty hot. We were grateful to have the large MaxxAir vent fan to help keep the trailer cool. It ran literally the entire time we were there. And when we went home, we realized our fan was covered with the red dirt found at camp. Luckily, the MaxxAir vent fan is easy to clean. So we thought we’d show you how.

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Removing the Screen

To clean the MaxxAir vent fan you need to remove the screen. To do this you simply rotate the four latches that keep the screen attached. Twist each peg until it’s facing away from the screen. Once you have all four turned around, the screen will come off.

Cleaning the Fan

Once you have the screen off, wipe down the fan itself. I used a disinfectant wipe and cleaned off everything I could see and easily reach.

Cleaning the Screen

Next, you need to clean the screen itself. What I do is I take it to the kitchen sink. I put some dish soap on it and then rinse it off until it’s clean. The screen cleans up fast. In just a couple of minutes it looks good as new. Once it’s clean, you can either wait for it to dry or dry it off.

Reattaching the Screen

Now, it’s ready to put back in the trailer. Line up the notches on the screen frame with the latches you rotated. Once it’s in place, twist the four pegs so they hook over the screen once again.


That’s it. The fan looks much better than it did before. This was certainly worth doing after this trip, but it’s also good to do it on an annual basis.

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