Woodside at Salt Point State Park Campground Review


We went on a camping trip to Woodside campground at Salt Point State Park in Jenner, CA. This campground is part of a California State Park. We stayed at site 53.

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The Campsite

Our campsite (#53) was a pull-through site, so parking our 20 foot trailer was no problem. The pull-through is shared with site #51 as well. These two sites are situated together. They create an awesome, large, secluded area for two parties. However, neither of these sites would be a good fit if you only wanted to reserve one site.

These two sites together create a great campsite. There is a lot of space for the kids to run around. There’s actually so much space that they were easily able to play with RC cars, nerf guns, frisbee, or soccer.

There’s also a large boulder in the corner that the kids spent several hours climbing and sliding down. In the center of camp there is a large tree with a stump that the kids loved climbing and hiding in.

Whether the kids want to explore nature, or play with toys and games from home, this campsite can accommodate their needs.

This is a dry campground. There are no hook-ups and there is no dump station. And unlike when we were here a year ago, the campground now has a great cell signal. We had 5G Verizon service everywhere we walked in the campground.

The Best Campsites

There are two different loops at Woodside, an upper loop and lower loop. We were on the lower loop. In general, the upper loop seems to have more spacious sites. Here are our favorite sites from both loops:

  • Sites 51 & 53
    • These two sites are perfect together. Even though it’s technically right next to everyone else, it’s situated in a way that feels secluded from the rest of the campground. These sites work great for either two trailers, a trailer and a few tents, or just tents. There is a large parking area and several good places to pitch a tent.
  • Site 66
    • This is our favorite site on the lower loop if you’re looking for a single site. It’s positioned well for a trailer with the table on the left side. If you want a larger site and more privacy though I would consider a site over 100 in the upper loop instead.
  • Sites 72, 73, & 77
    • These three sites would work great as a group. If you had all three of them you would have a private triangular area. Site 77 would work great for a trailer. Sites 72 and 73 would be best for tent campers.
  • Sites 92 & 94
    • These two sites would be great reserved together. 94 is positioned behind 92 so this could work out well for two trailers or tent campers.
  • Sites 100+
    • Once you get to site 100, all of those sites are large with lots of trees and have the illusion of seclusion. These sites wouldn’t work well for a group but they are great sites if you just want a single site. Out of these sites our favorites are site 102, 104, and 107.

There is a second campground that is also part of Salt Point State Park. It’s situated just across the street from Woodside. It’s called Gerstle Cove. Gerstle Cove is on the ocean which is nice. But, the Woodside sites are our favorite because there are so many more trees. Our favorite sites at Gerstle Cove were:

  • Site 9
    • This site would be great if you need just a single site.
  • Site 11
    • This is another great site for just one party.
  • Site 13
    • And this as well would be a good site for a single family.
  • Sites 26 & 28
    • These two sites would work well together. If there is a trailer in the group it would be best in site 28.

The Weather

This most recent visit we were here in September and the weather was perfect. It was cool and breezy in a very comfortable way. Especially considering that not far away people were experiencing 100+ degree weather. We have also been in June and we had great weather then as well. Just be prepared for some wind.

The Activities

When we stay at Woodside we primarily use it as a time to unwind and relax. We spent a lot of time right at camp. Other than that, our favorite activity is going to the ocean.

Right across the street at Gerstle Cove there is a nice trail you can take to get beautiful ocean views.

There is also a trail you can take there that goes all the way to Stump Beach. We did try to check that out but it did not work out. It was very windy that day and the kids weren’t up for it.

The Dog-Friendly Hiking

The dog-friendly hiking here isn’t great. Like most California State Parks they don’t want dogs on the trails. We were happy that the path along the ocean at Gerstle Cove was paved and so dogs were allowed there.

Since we did have dogs with us we spent a lot more time just walking around the campground since we couldn’t use the trails. Between the upper and lower loop of Woodside and walking across the street to Gerstle Cove this was enough to keep us busy and the dogs seemed happy about it.

The Beer

There really isn’t much around this site. If you wanted to go all the way up to Fort Bragg there are local breweries there but that is a bit of a drive. I’d recommend packing the fridge or cooler with some good options from home.

The Recap

Woodside campground is beautiful and relaxing. You can camp surrounded by trees with lots of shade and you’re still only a few minutes from the ocean. We will certainly be back.

Campground Details:

Woodside Campground
25050 CA-1, Jenner, CA 95450

Can reserve online at Reservations open 6 months ahead at 8am PST.

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