9 Trailer Essentials Under $30

These are nine must-have items for your trailer that are under $30. Now all of the pricing for these items is from Amazon and Amazon prices do fluctuate. So it’s possible that when you look at the item that the price could be off by what I say in this article, but these are the prices at the time of this post. None of them are crazy deals. They’re all around the average price for these items.

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Zero-G Hose

The first item is the zero-G hose, and at $29.98, it just barely makes our list for under $30.

We use this hose for our freshwater. It’s really nice. It’s kink free, so it’s really easy to deal with and it’s easy to store.

Digital Thermostat

Next is a digital thermostat. If your trailer doesn’t already have a digital thermostat, this is one of my favorite upgrades. You can get the digital thermostat for just over $24 and it’s a very simple install and it makes it so much easier to turn the heat on and off and to see what temperature it is in the trailer.

Popcorn Extension Handle

Next is the popcorn extension handle. Okay, so this item is $24.95, and to be fair, I feel like it would be better priced at around $15, but if you make Jiffy Pop at camp, then $24.95 is worth it to get this extension handle. This handle makes it so you can actually cook Jiffy Pop over the campfire. It turns out perfectly and you don’t get burned, so that’s a win-win.

LED Rechargeable Flashlights

The next item is this pack of two LED rechargeable flashlights. These things work great. They’re nice and bright. We make sure to charge them before every trip, and we’ve never had an issue with the battery dying during our trip. This pack of two is $25.99 and it is well worth it just to know that you have flashlights ready to go in the trailer if you need them.

LED Blue Puck Lights

The next item is a bit of an upgrade. It is two LED dome lights with blue light. We replaced out our dome lights above the dinette with these two, and it is so nice to have the blue light available. They are just below $20 and it’s a pretty simple install.

We like these because when it’s late at night, we keep the blue lights on and then when we’re coming in and out of the trailer, we can have a light on to be able to see, but it’s not attracting any bugs, so we’re not bringing the bugs in with us. So everybody gets in, we could see with the blue light, then we close the door and we could turn on the regular lights. That system has worked well for us.

Rubber Wheel Chocks

The next is a pack of two rubber wheel chocks. I know this seems basic, but rubber wheel chocks work great and you really can’t have too many around. We actually have four of them. We have two of these sets and a pack of two costs $19, so it’s not terribly expensive and it’s super handy just to have these around.

Camping with Sasquatch

The next item is a game, Camping with Sasquatch. This game will cost about $19 and this is a great thing just to keep in the trailer. We’ve played this game with two people, with four people. It’s fun both ways. It’s not great for little kids around three or four, but at about seven or eight is a great age to start playing this. And it’s fun for adults too. So this is just one of those games that we always keep with us in a trailer and everybody’s pretty entertained by it.

Mesh Cargo Net

The next are mesh organizers. So we got a two pack of mesh organizers for around $17, and these are really nice to have around. We keep them just right behind our TV to put our remotes and DVD player in that kind of stuff. And it’s really nice just to have extra, easy to get to storage.

Quick Dry Towel

And then the last item are quick dry towels. So we really like these Venture Fourth quick dry towels. We keep four of them in the trailer, one for each of us, and they are awesome because they take up barely any space. So if we’re going on a hike to the beach, they’re easy just to throw in the backpack and then if we need them, they work well and they dry really fast, so it’s easy to just come back and hang them up in the trailer and let them dry.


Okay, so those are the nine must-have trailer items for under $30. If you liked this list please let us know in the comments.

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